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My Place Realty & Property Management in Clarksville, TN

At My Place Realty and Management, our mission is to bring quality tenants and property owners together throughout the Clarksville/Montgomery County and surrounding areas. We offer courteous, timely and professional property management solutions that takes the headache out of finding a home and good renters. Our comprehensive service provides property owners with unparalleled service and protection of their investment. We take pride in offering both our current and prospective tenants the very best in rental space.

We were founded on the concept that great properties should be managed by a company that provides great service – to both owners and tenants.

Our founder, Ben Stanley, has years of experience working in the world of real estate sales and investment. While looking for a property manager for his own rentals, he noticed a strong need in our community for a service orientated property management company that took care of both it’s owners and tenants in an exceptional manner. With the background in finance and real estate teamed up with a strong desire to provide a great service, My Place Realty was born. We have established a varied portfolio of rental properties in the Clarksville/Montgomery county area and are committed to the continued success, growth, and prosperity of our community.

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One of the biggest investments you will ever make is purchasing a home. Here at My Place Realty and Management, we understand the financial and emotional connection each homeowner has with their property, and provide an easy solution to take the hassle and burden out of being a landlord.

We would love a chance to explain in greater detail in person what we can do for you. Please call our office today at (931) 591-3216 to set up an appointment to speak with a property manager.

Looking for the perfect home? We can help!

Welcome home! At My Place Realty and Management, we take as much pride in the quality of our rental properties as we do in our friendly and responsive staff. We’ll guide you each step of the way from viewing a rental to signing for the keys, and unlike many other management companies, we quickly handle maintenance requests because we care about both the condition of our properties and our tenants’ quality of life.

Please note that we are not a rental agency. Our staff helps place qualified tenants in available rental units that we manage.