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Frequently Asked Questions

For Current Tenants

  • How can I pay rent?
    You can pay rent through your tenant portal or you can come to the office and make your rent payment. In the office we accept cash, cashier’s check, personal check and money order. We will only give paper receipts for cash payments. If you pay money order, check, or cashier’s check we will e-mail you a receipt. If our office is closed you are able to use our drop-box located at our office at 1760 Memorial Dr Clarksville, TN 37043. We cannot accept card payments in the office. We do recommend if you pay through your portal to use the e-check option with your checking & routing information. If you pay with a card the software system will charge a convenience fee.
  • How should I submit a maintenance request?
    Tenants will submit ALL maintenance requests (or “workorders”) through their tenant portal. Our maintenance coordinator will be notified immediately and will be in contact with you via phone or e-mail about your work order shortly. You are able to include pictures with your workorder so the maintenance coordinator is able to see the situation you are dealing with specifically. If it’s an emergency please call 931-591-3216 and choose option 3. If there is no answer please leave a detailed message with your name, property address, and maintenance emergency. If you are dealing with a fire, please call 911 then call our maintenance line.
  • My lease is going to expire soon, what’s next?
    At the end of your lease term, your lease will roll into a month-to-month status if a renewal is not signed. Please do not vacate without giving a written 30-day notice. Typically, renewals are sent out 30 days prior to the lease expiring. If you haven’t received one and have less than 30 days before your expiration date please reach out to the office. If you do not have intentions of renewing your lease, you are required to give a written 30-day notice. Instructions of who to send the notice to are in your lease agreement. Once we receive a 30-day notice from you, we will then e-mail you move out instructions with your scheduled move out inspection listed.
  • Can I touch up paint?
    We do not authorize any touch up painting whatsoever! If there are small nail holes, please do not do anything to the walls. Noticeable or large scuffs, spills, fingerprints, markings, excessive small nail holes in 1 area or med/large nail holes, dings, dents, screw holes, command strips, damage to drywall, etc you will be charged for painting each wall that is applicable. You may mud, sand, paint walls (corner to corner) as long as it is in a professional manner and the color matches the surrounding walls. If we can tell the wall has been touched up, then you will be charged for the wall to be repainted. If you were approved to paint walls, it must be painted back to the original color. Please be aware not all paint is washable so do not scrub/wash walls that are painted with certain types of paint.
  • Do I have to be present for the move out inspection?
    Tenants always have a right to be present for the move-out inspection and we recommend being present. However, if you decide to not be present then you do waive your right to dispute any charges for damage per your lease agreement.
  • What’s going to come out of my deposit & when will I get it back?
    If you are to receive a security deposit, you should receive it around 30 days after your move- out inspection. We will not send out your final disposition until we have received all receipts from maintenance. Mandatory fees that are automatically taken out of the security deposit include but are not limited to: re-key fee, carpet cleaning fee (only if the property has carpet), as well as any cleaning and/or repairs deemed necessary at time of move out.